#YesWeCode = the movement to help train 100,000 low-opportunity youth to become world-class computer coders.

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About #yeswecode

Many have been searching for ways to uplift today’s urban youth and help them achieve a more promising future. We believe that one solution lies in connecting tech and social justice leaders to spearhead revolutionary tech programs whose benefits extend to the most disadvantaged of society.

The #YesWeCode initiative targets low-opportunity youth and provides them with the necessary resources and tools to become world-class computer programmers. By learning this highly valuable and relevant 21st century skill, these young people are shifting the trajectory of their futures and transforming their relationships with their communities and their country.

Our Goal

#YesWeCode will recruit hundreds of grassroots training programs and team up with major technology partners, celebrities and political leaders to promote the goal of training 100,000 low-opportunity youth to become high-level computer programmers.

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Van Jones

Workforce Development Expert

  • Founder of Green For All, which has helped to create 10,000 green jobs. Passed Green Jobs Act, signed into law by George W. Bush in 2007.
  • Special advisor to Obama White House. Oversaw $80 billion Green Jobs budget.
  • Wrote two New York Times Bestsellers: The Green Economy and Rebuild the Dream

Amy Henderson

Global Social Enterprise Expert

  • Launched and Directed U.S. office for Grameen Shakti, the Bangladesh based social-enterprise founded by Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammed Yunus.
  • Founding director of Ashoka's Youth Venture SF Bay Area
  • Financial Advisor focused on Socially Responsible Investing at Solomon Smith Barney

Cheryl Contee

Internet Tech Expert

  • CEO at Fission Strategy & Co-Founder of, works with leading non-profits, NGOs and foundations to use tech to create social good
  • Listed among the Top 27 Female Founders in Tech to Follow on Twitter in 2011 by Huffington Post and Black Enterprise
  • Fast Company 2010 Women in Tech honoree


Co-Chair: Elisa Batista

Campaign Director,

Co-Chair: Trabian Shorters

Founder & CEO, BMe

Jennifer Argüello

Senior Tech Advisor, Kapor Center

Andrea Hoffman

Founder, Diversity Affluence and Culture Shift Labs

Denmark West

Advisor, K1 Management

Kety Esquivel

Principal, Esquivel McCarson Consulting

Gyasi Ross

Author, Lawyer and Civil Rights Activist, Blackfeet Indian Nation

Jesse Martinez

Founder, Latino Startup Alliance


"When you give these young people the tools to build a future that works, it won't just work for them, it will work for all of us."

- Van Jones, founder of #YesWeCode

Hidden Genius Project



Interested In Becoming A Partner?

We plan to drive energy and momentum into this space by effectively communicating the #YesWeCode vision, convening groups committed to bringing it into fruition and catalyzing its implementation on a national level.

We are partnering with the best and brightest from diverse cultures and industries, focusing on innovators, technology leaders, celebrities and all-around change-makers who are passionate about our mission. Collaborative partners are:

  • Invested in educational, economic and entrepreneurial advancement opportunities for youth from low-income communities
  • Committed to stop wasting the genius and potential of urban-American youth
  • Champions of diverse perspectives and backgrounds


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Black Girls Code


"Diversity brings so much more to the table - and by focusing outside of the usual and rewarding all sorts of people in tech - we can only make it better. #YesWeCode is doing exactly that."

- Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple