What inspires you to code?

John.jpgThe #YesWeCode Coding Corps is an apprenticeship program designed to provide high-quality computer coding training to underrepresented minorities in tech.

Read our interview below and learn more about what inspires our Coding Corps members to learn to code.

Q:How did you start learning how to code?

A: I’ve had a few exposures. Back in the day, I used to copy and paste coding in MySpace, then I took a mini course in High School, my most recent exposure before here was a community college course in C++.

Q: What kept you interested in coding?

A: The fact that you can build anything out of nothing and do anything you want with coding. Code allows you to find an outlet, a voice, and power with basically nothing to start with.

Q: What types of resources have deepened your understanding of coding?

Philosophy and math have helped me more in coding because in philosophy you have to apply logic to your ideas and opinions. It teaches you to think outside the box. Math teaches you how to think outside the box as well. Plus there are tons of resources about coding on the internet

Q: What types of activities have deepened your understanding of coding?

A: Hackathons! There’s something about being under a time constraint, and articulating it to other people. In general everyday practice, doing things like stepping away from an exercise and going for a walk or sleeping. Getting away from the screen helps me process what I was doing at the screen.

Q: What is your learning/self-study regimen?

A: At school: I go by deliverables and time boxing (setting aside a specific number of minutes or hours to spend on a certain task.)

At home: I implement Pomodoro timers (each Pomodoro is a 25-minute cycle followed by a 5-minute break. After the fourth Pomodoro, you’ll take a 15-minute break) and a lot of recollection implementing the following structure: in the first 25 minutes I recall everything that I learned the day before for 15 minutes and spend the last 10 minutes reviewing what’s coming.

I also makeup scenario’s and go through step by step how I would solve the problem. During long coding days I make sure I exercise and nap. I make it a rule to NEVER spend the last waking hours coding. I stop an hour or two before I go to bed. The bottom line though, is do what works for you.