Upcoming Events


#YesWeCode Day of Discovery

Software development trainers understand that, even without training, one in five individuals have the basic aptitude that could make them successful software developers.

#YesWeCode will launch a national media campaign, focusing on communities of color, aimed at raising awareness about computer science. The campaign will culminate with a one-day event in which young adults, ages 18 to 29, around the country will have an opportunity to take a software developer aptitude test and to identify and connect with tech training opportunities. 

Arriving late 2016

National Convening of Community College

There are over 1,000 community colleges across the United States serving more than 12 million students. Underrepresented minorities in tech constitute the majority of enrolled students. Community colleges provide us with the best opportunity to reach untapped talent in communities of color. 

#YesWeCode will host a National Convening of Community Colleges. The convening will pull together an advisory committee who will work on developing national standards for computer science instruction in the community college setting. 

Coming late 2016