The Future of Tech Diversity and Inclusion

 CodingCorps_ad.jpg"Learning to code is like learning a creative superpower,” said a guest speaker during her talk at the #YesWeCode Coding Corps orientation last December. They were speaking to a room full of twenty-somethings who are all on a journey to becoming computer programmers; learning to code, problem solve, and whiteboard along the way.

This distinct group of future coders is participating in the inaugural #YesWeCode Coding Corps, a program committed to plugging people of color into economic opportunities in tech, through a training pipeline that will bring untapped talent to market by way of technical and non-technical education.

Coding Corps orientation was just the first stop on the journey for these aspiring techies with days full of problem-solving, collaboration, debugging, and discussions about what it means to be a person of color working in the tech sector.

The future is being written in code in the Silicon Valley, but despite advances in the ever-evolving high-tech industry, people of color are still tremendously underreported across the field.

The #YesWeCode Coding Corps’ mission is to provide high-quality computer coding training to underrepresented minorities in tech aged 18–30 and to provide them with apprenticeship positions at high-level tech companies upon completion of the training portion of the program.

The #YesWeCode Coding Corps is no longer accepting applications for the second cohort. Join our list to get more information about #YesWeCode.