Our Story & Mission

Many have been searching for ways to uplift today’s urban youth and help them achieve a more promising future. We believe that one solution lies in connecting tech and social justice leaders to spearhead revolutionary tech programs whose benefits extend to the most disadvantaged of society.

#YesWeCode is a Dream Corps initiative to help 100,000 young women and men from underrepresented backgrounds find success in the tech sector. 

#YesWeCode accelerates access to training in high-demand technical and non-technical skills to prepare untapped talent to enter the tech-fueled economy. #YesWeCode is building a diverse pipeline of 'homegrown' tech talent to meet demand and boost local economies.

#YesWeCode acts as a connector and catalyzer, providing backbone infrastructure that amplifies the work of our network partners. Since July 2014, #YesWeCode’s strengths have been to:

  • Communicate: In partnership with Oakland-based organizations,#YesWeCode launched an interactive website with a powerful search tool that enables users to find local coding education resources. This tool also helps users find local events and learn more about coding opportunities. 
  • Convene: #YesWeCode has convened 100+ coding practitioners and stakeholders in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and New Orleans. #YesWeCode partnered with Qeyno Labs to host a Start-Up Weekend hackathon in February 2015, focused on uplifting young African-American men and boys. 
  • Catalyze: In July 2014, #YesWeCode launched at the 20th Anniversary ESSENCE Festival with a youth-focused hackathon and a headline performance by Prince, before a festival audience of 500,000 people.