Coding Corps Graduation Event Highlights

On Monday, December 11th Van Jones and the #YesWeCode family gathered to celebrate the success of our latest Coding Corps cohort. Our scholars have spent the past eight months, and over 800 individual hours, training to enter the tech field as software engineers.

#YesWeCode premiered a video centered around Coding Corps and Van Jones closed out the evening by delivering a moving speech to the scholars.  

(Van's full speech below!)

It was an evening of storytelling, encouragement, and gratitude. The #YesWeCode team would like to give a special thanks to Mikkel Svane, Khalida Ali and the entire Zendesk team for hosting the graduation event.

Our scholars are approaching the final component of the Coding Corps program. In January 2018, we will begin a series of career navigation workshops to help equip them for their job search. If you would like to support our scholars by hiring or hosting a career navigation workshop please contact Krista Stinson at

#YesWeCode is on a mission to scholarship twice as many students in 2018. If you would like to help us accomplish this goal, please make a tax-deductible donation today!


Want to know more about #YesWeCode and see footage from the graduation event? Check out the videos and photos below!

Full Graduation Video (Van speaks at ~1:50:00):

#YesWeCode Scholars:


More photos from the event below:

IMG_5799.JPGPictured above: Van Jones, Founder, #YesWeCode

IMG_3500.JPG Pictured above: Mikkel Svane, CEO of Zendesk, delivering a warm welcome at the start of the event.


During the event, we had a chance to hear the stories of a few of our graduates. Many of them had to overcome various obstacles while in the program and we applaud them for their perseverance.



A few Coding Corps Alumni came on stage to talk about how the program has impacted their lives. The success they have achieved after completing Coding Corps truly highlights the importance of #YesWeCode's work.



“The people here actually care about your success and that’s invaluable, that is what #YesWeCode really fought to have.”

- Alex Nelson, Coding Corps Alum



Congratulations to our newest cohort!

"Diversity brings so much more to the table - and by focusing outside of the usual and rewarding all sorts of people in tech - we can only make it better. #YesWeCode is doing exactly that."
- Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple