#YesWeCode Employers' Council


#YesWeCode is connecting untapped talent to market through supporting inclusive companies and bootcamps with rigorous technical and non-technical education. 

#YesWeCode’s Employer Council is a community of practice dedicated to designing strategies and sharing best practices on the recruitment and retention of diverse tech talent.

Our Employer Council will lead the industry on how to deliver accelerated, contextualized and holistic training to students in the pipeline. Ultimately, each council member company will be more innovative and profitable and each benefiting trainee will launch successful careers in an inclusive tech economy.

“There’s an extraordinary amount of genius near an industry built on scaling genius. How do we connect that brilliance to these opportunities? We think a lot more is possible." - Van Jones, co-founder of #YesWeCode

Membership in the #YesWeCode Employers’ Council requires a commitment to help design #YesWeCode’s scholarship fund and apprenticeship model. This includes:

  • Develop effective onboarding processes for underrepresented minorities 

  • Provide trainees with dedicated mentors

  • Design detailed on-the-job training and retention processes/protocols

  • Collaborate with colleges and education providers to align curriculum and competency-based certificates with ongoing demand 

Our Employers' Council:

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To join the Employers' Council or to learn more, please fill out the form below: