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Coding Corps Marin

Coding Corps Marin is a technical program powered by #YesWeCode and Marin Community Foundation to connect underrepresented minorities to tech jobs. The program is providing high-quality computer coding training to participants with job/apprenticeship placements at tech companies upon completion of the full program. The program will begin in May 2017 and conclude in October 2017. 


Residents of Marin County between the ages of 16-30 with a GED or High School Diploma are welcome to apply. Through this program, participants can expect to receive job readiness training, while also gaining exposure to the various pathways in the tech industry

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 Application Deadline: March 31, 2017

Looking to Get Involved?

We are always happy to connect with companies and employees who value diversity. If you are interested in volunteering, providing mentorship to Coding Corps members or supporting the program, please contact Krista Stinson at


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"For once in my life, I feel that I belong to something. I belong to a movement that is shaping the workforce of tomorrow, offering opportunity for all people regardless of race or gender"

John, Coding Corps Graduate