Coding Corps Marin

Coding Corps Marin is the next iteration of our data-driven and facts-based approach to providing high-quality computer coding training to low-income, low-opportunity Marin County residents ages 18 - 30. Upon completion of the program in November 2017, #YesWeCode will provide participants with apprenticeship positions at local tech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Our Coding Corps program originated from the belief that non-traditional candidates from underrepresented communities can learn how to code and succeed in tech with the right amount of support and confidence. In 2015, we recruited our first cohort of students from the San Francisco Bay Area, and provided technical trainings with wraparound services, which includes soft-skills training and living stipends, over a 6 month period. Upon completion of the program, nearly 90% of our students found paid technical positions at local tech companies with the guidance of our staff.

Success is not success unless it can be replicated, and that’s exactly what happened in 2016 with our second Coding Corps cohort. As a result, we are proud to announce that we’ve significantly expanded the program onto the national stage through the #YesWeCode Fund.

However, we recognize that travel can be an additional barrier for students, further marginalizing low-opportunity communities. Here at #YesWeCode, we believe in knocking down barriers of entry to achieving the American Dream. Powered by the Marin Community Foundation, Coding Corps Marin is bringing technical training to low-opportunity communities by delivering the curriculum, tools and instructors right into their neighborhoods.

Our staff strongly believes that coding can be the gateway to the American Dream for our students because, as Van Jones once said, “The future is being written in code”.

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