Black Enterprise: Intel’s $300 Million Pledge: Tech Giant Stamps Commitment to Diversity at Wall Street Project Summit

Van Jones, Jesse Jackson

At Tuesday’s launch of the 18th Annual Rainbow PUSH Wall Street Project Economic Summit, the focus on economic advancement and equal opportunities for African Americans and other minorities turned to technology and how the future of the community could be found in the forefront of technological advancements.

Intel’s Diversity Commitment

Intel CEO Brian Kraznich spoke with Reverend Jesse Jackson about the company’s commitment to diversity and backed it up by confirming the $300 million pledge over five years to reach “full representation of women and under-represented minorities at Intel by 2020,” according to Kraznich.

The funds will be used to create a workforce pipeline to help train and hire under-represented engineers in the company, namely women and minorities.

The initiative will also promote females in the gaming community, and help sponsor minority gaming sports teams, according to Chief Diversity Officer Roz Hudnell.

“I think that it’s a breakthrough,” the Rev. Jackson said. “But now other companies are going to have to match that, or do even better. And that should create an avalanche of opportunities and economic business.”

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"Diversity brings so much more to the table - and by focusing outside of the usual and rewarding all sorts of people in tech - we can only make it better. #YesWeCode is doing exactly that."
- Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple