#YesWeCode Coding Corps Graduates Begin Agile and Scrum Software Training with CollabNet

TH3A0456.jpgSeven #YesWeCode Coding Corps members graduated from Dev Bootcamp in San Francisco after six months of intensive and immersive coding education. Coding Corps members will also receive Agile and Scrum software training from CollabNet, who recently announced their partnership with #YesWeCode.

These Coding Corps members are the first to graduate from #YesWeCode’s pilot program designed to prepare young people for careers in the tech sector.

The future is being written in code in the Silicon Valley, yet people of color are still tremendously underreported across the field. #YesWeCode in partnership with local tech companies have set out to increase diversity and inclusion through a training pipeline that will bring untapped talent to market by way of technical and non-technical education.

CollabNet®, a global leader in enterprise software development and delivery solutions, is one of the companies dedicated to supporting #YesWeCode’s mission to increase opportunity in the tech sector for non-traditional and diverse candidates.

#YesWeCode Apprenticeship Director, Johnnie Williams talks about the partnership stating, “#YesWeCode Coding Corps graduates are already benefiting from the CollabNet partnership by receiving the Agile training and certification. Future initiatives will have a broader impact and allow both organizations to connect high-quality training to diverse communities across the country.”

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