#YesWeCode at Social Good Tech Week

social good tech week

Social good organizations deserve the most innovative technologies. That's why Social Good Tech Week featured the coolest technology companies and highlighted stories of social good organizations and startups using technology to solve some of the world's most challenging problems -- including #YesWeCode founders Amy Henderson and Cheryl Contee who gave ignite talks.

Their topics:

  • What I Learned From Kittens, Puppies and Goats About Social Media for Social Good, Cheryl Contee, Co-Founder, Attentive.ly
  • How #YesWeCode is Using Technology to Transform the Lives of 100,000 Low-opportunity Youth, Amy Henderson, #YeWeCode, Co-founder & Chief Innovation Officer

"Diversity brings so much more to the table - and by focusing outside of the usual and rewarding all sorts of people in tech - we can only make it better. #YesWeCode is doing exactly that."
- Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple